Yoga of Correct Approach to the Spine (Vajra Yoga)

About me

meflower1Yoga CAS certified instructor with 8 years of personal practice. CPR/AED certificate. I think I was blessed to be a student of famous Russian and Ukranian yoga teachers such as A. Pakhomov, E. Trostnitskaya, D. Peretrukhin, I. Mezhakova and few more. Attended visceral therapy and traumatic protection in yoga various seminars.

My yoga journey started with Ashtanga and Corepower yoga schools. I totally liked their strength and challenging vibe. Then after a while, greed for challenges and enormous ego’s “no pain no gain” ideas changed to wisdom seeking and understanding the nature of things from the philosophical point of view and the purpose of a human body. A distinction between what’s important and what’s not in yoga practice supplanted egoistic ambitions. And that changed my life.

Right now my practice is based on these ideas:

  • Do no harm
  • Every person’s body and therefore practice is different. Nobody is the same.
  • By controlling the body, we control the mind

Continuously learning and growing in my practice. And while I’m on this way, I love to share every tiny piece of knowledge I have, so everyone can benefit from it and be happier. I believe that the knowledge should spread and seekers should always find what they look for.